According Webster Dictionary, status quo is “the existing state of affairs.”
The existing state of affairs is perpetual change. Like employees, companies must learn to flow with the waves of transformation to stay afloat and win the race.

Many companies are growing, some are offering new products and services, while others are new and evolving.

Whatever your company vision and strategies, your talent is the most important asset for accomplishing your business goals. Without motivated, productive people, an organization cannot exist, even as artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent.

We offer depth of knowledge and experience in numerous strategies and methods for organization development.

Cascading Coaching / David Hosmer

“David came to New England Chinese Information and Networking Association (NECINA) highly recommended by one of our board members. He has served as a keynote speaker and career consultant for our Career Conferences since 2017. He continually provides individual resume reviews and interview preparation for countless members. He also served as guest speaker at the Zhejiang University Alumni Association conference. Through his speaking and career counseling services David has helped hundreds of members with their career paths.” 

Joan Ni, General Manager, NECINA
Zhejiang University, Boston Alumni Association: President 2013-2018

David Hosmer / Leadership Development

Services for Organizations

Talent Development & Retention

Talent Development
& Retention

When it comes to attracting and retaining great talent help individuals grow professionally. Provide them with professional development that meets their career aspirations and achieves organizational goals.

Team-Building & Learning

& Learning

Build team synergy through team development and group learning through team assessment, workshops, and other learning experiences.

Strategy Facilitation


We are experienced facilitators that will work with you to customize and facilitate your in-house or offsite strategic leadership retreats with actionable results.

Leadership Development


Whether you have seasoned executive, high potentials, or aspiring managers we work with your organization to determine a multi-pronged approach to leadership development, including one-on-one coaching and experiential learning.

Progressive companies are building momentum in the quest to be more inclusive. They realize the power of tapping diverse thinking, ideas, and perspectives for employee engagement, retention, and innovation. Our workshops provide an interactive forum in which leaders, managers, and other employees learn about diversity, unconscious bias, and behavior change for better business in an ever-changing multidimensional market.